Happy Tails

  • Coco (formerly Talicia)

    Coco (formerly Talicia)

    Even though the process is a little bit longer than just walking into a pet store and handing over your money, adopting a pet from Victorian Dog Rescue is so much more rewarding…

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  • Satin


    I originally met Satin at Elizabeth’s quarantine facility in Mildura just prior to Christmas of 2010. She had jumped out of the holding yard and was just happily mixing it up with the rest of Elizabeth’s own dogs as if to say, “They will never notice that I am not meant to be here”…

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  • Dougal


    It was easy for us to fall in love with Dougal! He is a tall, handsome boy with boundless energy, and full of love for us. He is extremely well-behaved and from the day he came to us, has never put a foot wrong in the house…

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  • Jack (formerly Pepe)

    Jack (formerly Pepe)

    Life is a ball for Jack ( formally Pepe) who came into our family and makes us smile everyday…

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  • Buddy


    Buddy originally came to us as a foster dog, and having been foster carers in the past it should have been easy, but became apparent from day one that he was meant to stay…

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  • Delvaney


    Delby came home with us October 2010 - and right from the start it was as though he had been with us forever.…

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  • Terence


    Terence is a very happy little boy and has settled really well. He and Poppet spend the day while I'm at work snoozing on my bed…

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  • Harry (formerly Barry)

    Harry (formerly Barry)

    Harry is just such an amazing little boy and he is improving in leaps and bounds every day. Dax is such a gentle soul. Wonderful with children- and even cats…

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  • Isis


    Isis is completely adorable and has the most beautiful nature. She loves to keep warm by the fire and enjoys following us around like a shadow…

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  • Dax (formerly Praxis)

    Dax (formerly Praxis)

    Dax, formally known as Praxis, has settled into my family wonderfully. Dax is such a gentle soul. Wonderful with children- and even cats.…

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Read the stories of our rescue dogs and cats that have landed on their paws and are now living in their forever homes. Read what happiness they have brought  to people of all walks of life. It's these happy endings  that  make up for all the heartache and hard work.