Happy Tails

  • Lucy


    Lucy was VicDRG's first ever rescue dog.…

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  • Henry (formerly Thiarr)

    Henry (formerly Thiarr)

    We can't imagine our life without him he is absolutely the most delightful, easy-going little guy…

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  • Nelson


    From the moment we read Nelson's profile we knew we had to meet him, everything felt right …

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  • Bandit (previously Octavius)

    Bandit (previously Octavius)

    We have had Bandit (previously Octavius) for just over three months now, while quite timid at first, not coming into the same room as either of us when we were standing up, Bandit now has taken to waking us in the morning...…

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  • Judd


    I picked him up for the Melbourne drop off / pick up point and was delighted to meet the most beautiful black and white compact little dog…

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  • Yinty and Billy

    Yinty and Billy

    Our foster carer, Kim, couldn’t let us be separated, so she adopted both of us!!!!! We are glad we got to stay together because we had become great friends…

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  • Harry (formerly Aragorn)

    Harry (formerly Aragorn)

    Harry is doing really well. We have never had any trouble with him at all. He is very attached to Ruby …

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  • Kara


    We decided to adopt rather than buy because there are so many dogs who need a second chance at a happy life…

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  • Randall


    Randall is a special part of our family and we all adore him. He has become inseparable with our other dog Gypsy who looks very much like him…

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  • Bobbi (formerly Lilly)

    Bobbi (formerly Lilly)

    After a lot of thought Lilly has be renamed BOBBI as she bobs her head in such a cute way! Bobbi has quickly settled into living with Hamish…

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Read the stories of our rescue dogs and cats that have landed on their paws and are now living in their forever homes. Read what happiness they have brought  to people of all walks of life. It's these happy endings  that  make up for all the heartache and hard work.